Musical Dram: Glendronach

I am certainly not the first to call the Glendronach “Revival” a great Whisky. I might even be the last blogger to say so. At least about the Version discontinued in 2015. It seems that Brown-Foreman have now resurrected a “Re-Revival” of the 15 year old. There has been some positive reviews so far, but I have yet to try what Rachel Barrie has conjured up. If it is in any way close to the previous version I will happily restock my shelves.

For now I will enjoy the remainder of the bottle with a suitable song. As far as passion for their work goes, I think Mark Knopfler and Billy Walker have a lot in common. So the song i recommend while sipping on the Glendronach of your choice is a simple, yet meditative song about a guitar maker. Enjoy

Artist: Mark Knopfler

Track: Monteleone

Musical Dram: Ben Nevis

Let me tell you: That Glencoe is a blast! If you can find it, snatch it up. You won’t regret it. Now, since today is the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop, we will play the “Anthem” of Break-Beats.  This Track brings me just as much joy and satisfaction as the Whisky…and it was heavily played in the 80’s. Hope you can relate.

Artist: Grandmaster Flash (Incredible Bongo Band)

Track: Apache

Musical Dram: Benromach

A worthy winner. Solid performance, classic appeal and just right for any time of the day… (…after Lunch, we’re not alcoholics! Are we?). I know just the song to match this profile. Mind you, the boys in the clip are not performing quite like our Whisky here but I am sure they would feel alot better after having one 😂

Artist: Dire Straits
Track: Walk Of Life




Musical Dram: Kilchoman

If you have a Kilchoman on hand, please pour yourself a glass. The “Sanaig” we just tried is a “dirty Whisky” and this calls for a “dirty” Soundtrack. So here you have it: RAW POWER meets RAW POWER
The below image is now linked to the song for your convenience…your welcome 🙂

ZZ_Top_-_ZZ_Top's_Greatest_HitsArtist: ZZ Top
Track: My head’s in Mississippi


Good fun and big shout out to “Ruudboy”.