Who am I ?

4891cd7411ba29c9b533b579f9dbde29Well my name is Andy and I love all things Whisky. I have been educating myself intensely on the subject and have encountered many interesting things. At this point in time I have tried more than 350 Single Malts and intend to further my experience. I host Whisky Tastings once a month at a Restaurant close by and we tend to have a lot of fun. If you have any Questions or would like to organise a private Tasting feel free to contact me. I would love to help others uncover the wonderful mysteries of Whisky.

What this wee website offers you is my view of the world of Whisky (or occasional other topics) in a form that is easy to digest, personal and fun. Just like Whisky itself.

There is so many Whiskies out there to discover and this blog will serve as my personal diary…

Pour yourself a dram and have a good time.