Who am I ?

4891cd7411ba29c9b533b579f9dbde29Well my name is Andy and I currently reside in Switzerland. But who am I to be reviewing and rating Whisky? Well, around Christmas 2014 I decided to buy a bottle of Single Malt Whisky because I was curious to why it was such a “big deal” for some people. It turns out that I quite liked the taste of this liquid gold and started reading a lot about Whisky. How is it made, where it originated (still not totally sure), what distilleries exist (and who owns them ;)) and tasting as many different drams as I could get my sticky hands on. So a little bit more than two years have passed and I have tried over 200 different Single Malts (some Blends, few Single Grains and the odd Bourbon). Now, this does by no means make me an expert. To be quite honest I don’t feel like I have covered much of the Whisky-Puzzle I am trying o piece together here. But I have noticed through reading other peoples non-biast reviews that one can learn a lot about Whisky by comparing them to your own tasting notes.

And that is what I am offering you. My view of the world of Whisky (or occasional other topics) in a form that is easy to digest, personal and fun. Just like Whisky itself.

There is so many Whiskies out there to discover and this blog will serve as my personal diary…

Pour yourself a dram and have a good time.