Mystery-Tasting 3

Lets tackle the third Flight in this entertaining Series. I do hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!

For September we have the following Drams: From Speyside we will try a Glenlossie, a Jura from the Islands and last but not least an Ardmore from the Highlands. Here we go, lets start with a distillery I have not yet come across. How exciting!

imageGlenlossie, Hart Brothers, 46% vol., 1998-2012
S:4 G:3 P:1 / Color: white wine / Score:85

A rather fresh and summery start. Loads of lemons and their flowers. Vanilla, vanilla and a little more vanilla. Very pleasent, yet delicate composition. I also get fresh malt in a tin box, if that makes any sense? How about chalk and whiffs of almond oil. In the far background I find some chicken broth as well. The taste is light and smooth with a hint of oak wood. It’s medium sweet and drying. Nice to see the distillery character dominating. Not overly complex but very well done. Really like the texture better with every sip, some kind of chewy lemon candies for grown-ups. Keeps improving. Now I get peaches and cream! By adding water we break the concept. There is some spirity notes and the fruitiness goes away. Lets hope the taste has gained some…Sweeter but lighter. Becomes quite sour and bitter, water is not recommended. Stick with the above, much better. The finish is long and drying with a nice cask flavor lingering. What’s to say: There will be a place in my Hart for these Brothers…Good work!

imageJura “Duirachs’ Own”, Original Bottling, 40% vol.
S:3 G:2 P:1 / Color: light amber  / Score: 76

A meaty start on smoked ham. Some peaches and Demerara sugar. Feels thick and a little unsettled. A floral note comes forward once in a while. The longer I nose this the thinner it gets, odd! The mouth feel is good with some tingly wood. Malty sweetness and quite a lot of tannins from the oak. How to put this: Simple and un-challenging. Not that I want to add water the way this is going, but here we go: Same, same but lighter. Any lighter and this would be air…(lame, I know). Tastes really thin now. Mind you, the bitterness is less intense but so is everything else. NO SWIMMING on the Isle of Jura I’m afraid. Medium finish leaving you behind with bitterness on the inside of your cheeks. We have had better and worse before…moving on!

imageArdmore, Gordon&McPhail, 43% vol., 1995-2012
S:4 G:2 P:1 / Color: amber / Score:81

This one is a little shy. Quite closed to begin with, then some lemons and apples. Malted barley with honey, old metal coins and a side of chalk. Usually Ardmore has at least a hint of smoke but this baby is “naked”. On the palate it’s sweet and sour. The texture is nice and chewy and the wood is good. Rather singular but definitely good quality. Many “non-Whisky-drinkers” could manage this one. Even with the addition of water it still doesn’t want to open up! Gets a little more floral with lemons or maybe even lemongrass this time. Tastes sweeter and less sour. Handles water well, not an improvement but a perspective. Finishes medium long with some good dunnage aftertaste. Look at that: Ardmore with a happy end…😂

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