As you know, I haven’t been enjoying Whisky that long yet. Most of the ones I have tasted are considerably young and recent bottlings. Now, reading reviews and tasting notes from around the web, I have found many experienced “Malt-heads” writing about the drop in quality and NAS (No Age Statement) versions. Personally I would love to have started tasting Whiskies earlier, but such is life. No reason to cry over spilled Whisky (…It depends;). Many amazing drams are for ever gone and I am sure some people will not find anything quite comparable these days. I believe we are experiencing the “Electric-Guitar-Effect”, as I like to call it. When guitars became electric and rock bands started using their potential there was an outcry by the previous generation. A tradition was  broken for the sake of progress. Many rock bands  are now considered  “Classic” and music history would not be complete without them. But as time progresses things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. Fact of the matter is, my reference point is different. Given my age, I am more likely to enjoy a “New Style” Whisky than “Old School” afficinados because I am not aware of the difference!  I think the taste for Whisky is very much an acquired one, and therefore will change with experience. I encourage you to take a plunge and taste it for yourself. Nothing is more valuable than your own measure.


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