Mystery-Tasting 5

We are getting towards the end of this Endeavour. Interesting Flight today. Some surprises and a no brainer. We have a Glen Order from the Highlands a Bowmore from Islay and a Springbank representing Campeltown. We will have them in this order. Lets go!

imageGlen Ord, Clydesdale, 57.2% vol., 2006-2013
S:5 G:3 P:1, Colour: white wine, Score: 82

Starts fresh and floral with some grassy notes as well. Peaches and cream emerge in the follow-up. Some good oak, leather and some shoe polish. Possibly some artichokes and certainly an umami taste. How about artichoke stock. Creamy mouthfeel with a sweet and fizzy introduction. Vanilla, Lemons, limes and again the flavours from a quality cask. Quite singular but most definitely a new perspective. Long finish with a lot of oak. Great work by Clydsdale (Blackadder) which have surprised me more than once with some excellent bottlings.

Bowmore, Malts of Scotland, 46% vol., 2001-2015IMG_1056  S:2 G:3 P:4, Colour: white wine, Score: 81

Fresh lemony beginning which moves right on to the coal smoke. A walk on Islay with kelp and seaweed and the remains of a bonfire. Some green branches and after the first taste I get some peaches and raw asparagus from the garden. On the palate: Fizzy and sweet with a great creamy mouthfeel. Surprisingly I find some peaches and apricots. The whole thing gets a bit thin after a while but its well balanced. Medium to long finish with hints of oak and rancio ( thanks to Alex Bruce I now know the “professional” word for a dunnage flavour). A few more years and it might have been a lot more complex. Whisky needs time…

IMG_1108Springbank 12 CS, Original Bottling, 54.1% vol.
S:4 G:3 P:2, Colour: gold, Score: 90

Oh…quite different here. Caramel, stock, brine and oranges on the nose. Really dense and heavy nose with lots of layers. Take your time… After the firs taste I get barley sugar, pineapple, ripe peaches, marmalade, cured ham with cantaloupes (how nice is that ;)) I’m not done yet: caramelised chestnuts and a wisp of smoke. Initially sweet with a lovely peppery oak. Oily mouthfeel with blackcurrant, ripe cantaloupe, candied ginger, grated orange peel and premium shoe polish (if that exists). Wonderful mouthfeel! Long and smooth finish with some great rancio. So nice to see that some distilleries don’t change their style just to make an extra buck. Consistency wins in the long run especially if the whisky is this good. Keep up the good work…

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