2015-04-14 16.00.36At this point I would like to thank Serge @ for his dedication to Whisky and the relentless compiling of tasting notes and information. His website is both extremely informative and entertaining. I have adapted the tasting procedure and scoring system from his website, since it is highly effective and simplifies comparing notes. Big-up to Serge Valentin!

Here some information about the tasting procedure:

1. It makes sense to compare Whiskies from the same Distillery or at least similar characteristics (you know Apples to Apples) in order to have points of reference.

2. We DO add small amounts of water whenever possible, since it does change and often significantly improves the flavor experience.

3. We judge with scores from 0-100, and use the SGP-System with a score from 0-9 for each letter. S: sweet/fruity, G: grainy/grassy, P: phenolic/smoky, it’s quite basic but it shows a general flavor profile. So a Whisky could be rated like so: SGP=651 (quite sweet, some grassy notes and a hint of smoke)

4. Everyone has their own preferences in taste. So I will not attempt to create universally true tasting notes. They will be based on my personal experience at that particular moment in time. After all this should be fun! Right Serge?

So without further ado, i present the very first tasting at

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