Musical Drams: Ben Nevis

From the beginning it was my intention to bring something “extra” to the table.┬áHere’s the plan:

The winner of each tasting session will be paired with a “Soundtrack”. One of my other passions is music from various decades and I will attempt to find a song which enhances an/or underlines the expression of the Whisky. Maybe I am shoveling my own grave here…;) but I just love the thought of opening up the experience to the audible senses. Quite certainly I will be walking on thin ice, since everyone has personal memories attached to certain songs but I encourage you to give it a go. You may click on the image to play the song online if it is not in your collection.

Poor yourself a Ben Nevis (22 year Silverseal if available) sit back in your favorite chair and play the track. Just enjoy the moment and relax with your dram.

GamblerArtist: Kenny Rodgers
Track: The Gambler

Feel free to comment. Also, if you have a Musical-Dram you would like to share, just send an email to

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