The Agents Whisky

We proudly present our very own bottling of Single Malt Whisky. How this came about you ask? Remember a while back we dove into crafting a Whisky-Spirit. Back then we contacted Stefan, from the Marder Distillery, if he could give us his expertise on the matter. We hit it off quite well and have been in contact ever since. He is a great guy and when we approached him about bottling some of his Whisky for The Whisky Agents he was all in. For starters he equipped us with samples from three different casks which we then tasted in various strengths. One of them truly stood out to us. It was the content of an American oak cask which had been medium charred. The nose was wonderfully sweet and elegant. On the palette the fudgey sweetness persisted with barley sugar and a good touch of oak. But the most amazing part was the mouthfeel. It was oily and creamy, almost as if you could chew on this stuff. That texture was less apparent once we reduced the strength so we decided to bottle this beauty at cask strength. At a whopping 58.4% it delivers all the aromatic goodness coming out of this six year old cask. Enjoy

I am proud to name this our fist independent bottling and hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. It is available in very limited quantities at the Restaurant “Schlössle” in Laufenburg, DE.



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