The Beauty in the Beast

This should be interesting. We have two independent bottlings at over 66% vol., one is 6 and the other 8 years old. I am not sure what is more frightening, the fact that they are so young or that they are both extremely high in strengh? Or maybe both…;)

There is quite some interresting stuff happening here: The newmake seems to be filled in the cask at unusually high volume, this in turn can suggest the following:

1. The cuts are made extra early to achieve a clean, round destillate.
2.  It is planned to age the Whisky for a long time, thus needing more margin for the Angels-Share.
3. They are planning to dilute the Whisky before bottling and will therefore have greater outturn.

I would like to commend Adelphi and A.D.Rattray for the boldness to state the age of these bottles. As we will see later, there is no reason to hide behind an NAS. If the Whisky is ready, for peat sake, bottle it at F***ing 3 years. I would just like to know!
Well lets have a wee tasting…shall we?

Glenrothes, 6 years, 2013, Sherry Butt, 66.7% vol., Adelphi Selection
S: 7 G: 4 P: 1 / Color: mahogany / Score: 92

On the nose I get big Sherry, lots of dried fruit, raisins, prunes and some cherries (ever had dried cherries? delicious). Sherry-Monster in da House! Quite sweet with a nice touch of marzipan also some roasted nuts, perhaps even caramelized almonds. Some hay followed the appropriate farmy notes. Lovely! Taste: WoW, stunning arrival, huge volume (66.7%?), cherries and a nice round touch of oak. Very mellow considering the strengh, drinking this one neat is no problem at all! With water I get more Sherry on the nose but the punch in the arrival is gone. Noses quite flat now. On the palatte it turns more oaky and the youth becomes more obvious. There is also a sourness appearing in the arrival. Please do not water this baby, if you are scared of the strengh, let someone else try this amazing dram!

Glenrothes, 8 years, 2015, Sherry Butt, 66.1% vol., Cask Nr. 10238, A.D. Rattray,     S: 4 G: 2 P: 1 / Color: Pale Gold / Score: 50 (max.)

Oh no, this is far from similar. Spirity with a off-putting note of acetone (?) Where could that come from? …I can’t put my finger on it. Ha, possibly some foreshots! This one is extremely hard to nose at full strengh…boah… I can’ find anything pleasent in this nose. Unfortunately. The taste is sweet but with a sharp arrival, a tiny bit of sherry (5th fill?) and some barley coming through. There is an oaky dryness as well. Very light body. All to simple. Medium finish just do to the strengh. This cask was a waste of destillate 🙁 Lets hope it swimms at least. With water I get some lemon, some hay but the rest is so far off, I don’ even want to nose this any longer. On the palatte it is a little less sharp with a tad more Sherry and some oak. Its a lot more settled now but far from anything I would recommend. I can only hope it will improve with oxydization (low hopes;) Sorry A.D.Rattray. Try again…

Wow! That was quite the experience. Adelphi wins this one hands down. Maybe it’s my own age (or lack therove) that makes me like this style of malt. And now, as we do it here at The Whisky Agents: Music please! What powerful song will we match this baby up with?

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