Whisky stash in the Alps

Deep in the Swiss alps there is a world famous Whisky-Bar called “Devils Place”, I know quite a silly name but thats what it is. It just happens to serve the largest selection of Whiskies in the world. Probably not surprising that the “Hotel Waldaus am See”, which houses the Bar, is located in St. Moritz. It doesn’t get more posh than that around here. Usually I would avoid places like this, but since I was invited to an event close by I couldn’t just leave without at least having a dram.

I must say the interior of the place was not particularly impressive, nor did it feel like a place where I would relax and spend time with my whisky. The bottles on the wall did the trick though. If you can name it and happen to be able to pay for it they will serve it to you.

Well, I CAN name and evenĀ PRONOUNCE most distillery names but my budget is…well…lets say limited.

The smart way to go about this is to choose a Whisky that does not ring any bells. Avoid old Macallens, Port Ellens, Broras, Ardbegs and the likes and if they are not official bottlings you might just get away with a wonderful experience witout breaking the bank. I ended up ordering a Glenlochy 17 from Cadenheads. You might never have heard of Glenlochy which is probably because it has been closed since 1983. So I enjoyed a great Whisky straight from the history books for 24 CHF. That sounds quite reasonable to me. Especially since the waiter served me close to four cl for the price of 2. That is great customer service but both of us know that it might be a while until someone else orders a Glenlochy šŸ˜‰